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CWA/ITU Pension Plan (Canada)

  1.  1.   What type of pension plan is the CWA/ITU Pension Plan (Canada)?
  2.  2.   How is the Plan's benefit formula for a normal pension benefit determined?
  3.  3.   Who makes contributions to the Plan?
  4.  4.   Do employers make the contributions to individual employee accounts?
  5.  5.   What happens to the contributions?
  6.  6.   Who looks after investing the pension contributions?
  7.  7.   What types of investments are selected for the fund?
  8.  8.   What is the difference between active, deferred, and retired participants (and beneficiaries)?
            What impact does the make-up of the membership have on the Plan's assets?
  9.  9.   What can cause the Plan to have a funding shortfall?
  10.  10.   How does the Board know when there is a funding shortfall?
  11.  11.   What is the current funding shortfall of the Plan?
  12.  12.   Investments go up and down and back up again - why are we making these changes now?
  13.  13.   Can the Plan be shut down? When could that happen?
  14.  14.   Will our Plan survive in the coming years?
  15.  15.   When do I become a Participant?
  16.  16.   What happens if I stop working for a Union Employer?
  17.  17.   How do I become Vested and what does that mean?
  18.  18.   Can my Spouse or I take a refund instead of a pension?
  19.  19.   When will my pension benefit begin?
  20.  20.   How do I apply for Retirement Benefits?
  21.  21.   Who do I contact if I move?
  22.  22.   What happens if I die before Retirement?
  23.  23.   Who should my Spouse or Beneficiary contact in the event of my Death if I am in receipt of a monthly pension?
  24.  24.   I plan to retire/start collecting my pension between January 1, 2014 and January 1, 2018. Will my pension be affected
              by the annual 1% reduction for pensioners in addition to my one-time 7.5% pension reduction?

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