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Ironworkers Health & Welfare Trust Fund of Western Canada

  1.  1.   How do I become eligible under the Plan?
  2.  2.   How long does coverage continue?
  3.  3.   What happens if I move from one Employer in the Industry to another?
  4.  4.   What is the Individual's Hour-Bank Reserve Account?
  5.  5.   Can I continue coverage if I run out of hours?
  6.  6.   Will I be covered if I am attending Trade School?
  7.  7.   How do I register for benefits?
  8.  8.   How do I make a name/address change?
  9.  9.   We had a baby 3 months ago, how do I add him/her to my benefit plan?
  10.  10.   My son/daughter is now 21 years old, is he/she still covered? For how long?
  11.  11.   When do my dependents get coverage under this Plan? What benefits do they qualify for?
  12.  12.   My spouse and I are each covered through group benefit plans. Which plan should I submit my claim to first?
  13.  13.   How do I apply for Weekly Disability Benefits?
  14.  14.   What happens to my benefits if I am receiving Weekly Disability?
  15.  15.   What is a pre-determination?
  16.  16.   Do I need a pre-determination for orthodontics?
  17.  17.   How often can I get glasses?
  18.  18.   How much dental coverage do I have?
  19.  19.   Are there any special instructions for submitting orthodontic claims or paramedical practitioner claims?
  20.  20.   Where should I send completed claim forms?
  21.  21.   Is there a deadline for submitting my claims?
  22.  22.   How does my dental office submit an electronic claim?
  23.  23.   What do I do if I have problems at my pharmacy with my prescription drug card?
  24.  24.   I want to confirm eligibility or view my hours/contributions - what is my username and password?
  25.  25.   How do I get my claim reimbursement direct deposited?

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