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If you are a union member and participate in a Health & Welfare or a Pension Trust Fund which is administered by FAS, you can access important information about your plans here. Click on the 'News and Frequently Asked Questions' link to the left in order to select your plan and access answers to some of the commonly asked questions. You can also click on the 'Forms & Documents' link to the left where, after selecting your plan, you will find a number of documents such as booklets, claim forms and pension application forms. You can even fill out the forms online although you will still need to print and send the originals to our office.

We are very pleased to announce the launch of secure, personalized online services for members of the Carpenters, Bricklayers and Ironworkers funds. You should have recently received a letter with your username and password - simply enter that username and password in the boxes to the left to get started. Click on the link to the User Guide which appears below for help navigating through the screens. If you need any assistance, send us an email at questions@fasadmin.com or contact us.

For members of the Laborers' Health & Welfare Trust Fund of Western Canada or the Laborers' Pension Fund of Western Canada, please click on the Laborers of Western Canada link to the left to access your eligibility and claims information.

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